Getting Started

Initial Consultation

Our first meeting with you is the most important. We would like to do everything we can to capture the vision you have and make it come to life in your backyard! Please have a copy of your plot plan or property survey (usually found in your home closing papers) and examples of pools you like from magazines, the internet, etc. We will take all the time needed to fully understand your pool ideas. During this meeting, we will also walk your back yard and take a few pictures and measurements.

Mobile Showroom

What is a mobile showroom exactly? It is what sets Splash Haven Pools apart from the rest! You will never have to leave the comfort of your home or rearrange your schedule to view your design or make tile and plaster selections. We will bring it all to you! Our state of the art mobile showroom allows you to explore your equipment options, compare tile selections along with the coping options, and you will get to feel the plaster varieties to see what will suit your needs. You will also be able to view and explore your pool design with our Pool Studios software on our large HD screen in our showroom. Your schedule is busy enough, let us come to you!


Your pool is designed by David using Pool Studios design software. Pool Studios is the gold standard in pool software and helps us take your pool ideas and make them a pool reality! Additionally, we take care of the permit process for your pool construction and we will assist you with any Home Owner Association documents that you may need to file.

Construction Process

Just how long does it take to build a pool? Our average time is 4 to 6 weeks, weather permitting. There is a misconception out there that it takes months and months to build a pool, and it just isn’t true. Excavation, steel and plumbling, and shooting in the gunite (concrete) happens during the first week of construction. In the days to follow the decking is formed and poured, the tile and coping are added to the pool structure, and last is the plaster. Once the plaster is in, we fill the pool! In no time you will be swimming!

Equipment warranty

We are proud to offer a full line of Pentair pool equipment. Pentair is our choice for dependable, durable, and affordable pool equipment. Your pool equipment is guaranteed with a 3 year warranty. And what’s more, there is no hassle or inconvenience when it comes to warranty calls, just let us know and it is fixed within the week!